SharpShot 4-in-1 lens kit

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The Complete 4K Lens Package: Show your skills with this all-in-one kit. Our 2X telephoto zoom, wide angle, macro, and fisheye in one package. Comes with lens caps, carrying case, and clips. Tackle any project from filming the next iPhone short film, to revamping your instagram or businesses social media pages. Capture memories from your travels, nights out, days in, and take better than everyone else while doing it. 



SharpShot sells the best iPhone lenses in the world. You'll become a photographer overnight. 

We sell the best phone lenses in the world. Our glass shows zero distortion in both telephoto, and wide angles. 
100% real glass: This wide angle lens is constructed with genuine glass for the clearest image, and best results.
Aluminum body: Built to live up to your lifestyle. Easy to transport in the carrying case, and tough enough to last.

4K clarity: Cell phone cameras are only going to get better, invest in the best quality.
AR Coating: Multilayer / transparent UV protection
Angle: Wide, Telephoto, Macro, Fisheye
Compatible: 90% smartphones on Market
Max diameter: 22.2mm
All lenses come with a lens cap for protection, and preservation.
Manufactured in China, by Ulzani.

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